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DING – The most Effective delivery
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LAST MILE and SAME DAY delivery for your business, everyday life and much more. From professionals to professionals.
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taking your delivery experience further – for businesses as well as individuals

Partner benefits

Costs efficient

Do more with less. Lesser day-to-day and operational costs, while providing more effective service to the customers. Ding Dispatching is smart, intelligent and user friendly - less dispatchers and more tasks/deliveries finished.

Everything is in CLOUD

All Ding services are accessible without any change or extension to your existing infrastructure. Our skilled team is providing all the maintenance tasks to have the network running smoothly and without interruptions. No overheads with IT costs and guaranteed 24/7 service availability.

Powerful dispatching platform

All feature at glance with Ding dispatching platform for admins and dispatchers. Assignement tools, Order tracking, Client history, and much more. Choose the “Auto”, “Manual” or “Triggered” mode to send a task out to all couriers.

Powerful courier app

Ding mobile app is everything your couriers need to get all the jobs done with ease and simplicity. Orders overview, navigation, communication featers, document and signature scanning. Most powerful tool on the market – from professionals to professionals.

Customizable courier types

Various courier types available – walkers, bikers, as well as different types of drivers, using different vehicle types – all of that just to perfectly suit your needs.

Ding AI - Route planning

Powerful just-in-time route automation algorithms can direct each job to the closest courier. Our unique engine can optimize not only job assignments but also route planning each delivery. For client it means better delivery times, for couriers it means more packages delivered.

In-App Messaging

In app messaging as perfect communication solution – it doesn’t matter if you need to talk to the customer or dispatcher. Both are 2 clicks away – and its your choice whether to send a message or dial in.

„Ding“ feature and smart notifications

Remember the DING bell sound? Once the package arrives you will hear a DING sound. Together with smart notifications you wont miss any delivery again.

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Send us your detail and our experts will contact you within the next 24 hours ready to answer all you questions and describe the platform possibilities. Start delivering instantly! For couriers it is flexible working hours, for companies a great dispatch tool and sales channel, you decide on how much you take!
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